Our Commitment

Since the foundation year, in 1969, Casa Emma has crossed decades under the vision of a brilliant and far-sighted woman, Fiorella Lepri. She has opened Casa Emma’s doors and she has led us to the present day. Our philosophy is based on respect for tradition, with an open-mind point of view and an impetus towards the future. Our Winemaker Marco Salvadori daily translates our vision into production processes and high quality wines.


For us tradition is respect for our origins and for our past, it means producing following Tuscan Wine Culture.


Environmental sustainability is the focus of all production process. Producing with low environmental impact means reducing polluting particles emission, thus respecting Earth. We are plastic-free, we are commited to minimize carbon footprint in the atmosphere and we use light glass bottles, whose weight never exceed 380 gr.


We follow standards organic viticulture, we treat our vineyards with natural methods, without using pesticides or phytosanitary products.


We follow biodynamic viticulture principles, we use natural composts produced in the farm and we respect the phases of the moon to work in the vineyards.


We use the energy we produce. During the whole wine production process we use a renewable energy source: solar energy, clean, inexhaustible and with low environmental impact.


We have decided to reduce waste and to focus on a recycling logic, thus our latest product is born: Casa Emma Pomace Flour, a flour with high nutritional properties that is produced drying and grinding grape skins after the vinification process. Harvest waste is brought back to life, in a different and high quality product, useful for food industry.


Experimentation is a challenge that we daily face. We apply innovation in both vineyards management and wine creation, in fact the most striking example is our wine vinified and aged in amphoras: "Harenae" IGT Colli della Toscana Centrale.


We carry out manually almost all the operations in the vineyards, in order to preserve plants and to guarantee excellent fruits. Harvest also is done manually 100%, because the first selection of bunches and grapes takes place on the vine.


Our Vignalparco vineyard is worked with the help of domestic geese. They fertilize the land, they eat the grass between the rows and the insects harmful to the vine, acting as natural protectors for the soil. Their contribution has allowed the exchange of organic substances: such as nitrogen, potassium and magnesium and an 80% reduction in the use of tractors and mechanical vehicles. Furthermore, this innovative system has allowed to solve soil compaction problems and to observe how the roots of Sangiovese Vignalparco greater explore the land in search of nutrients. Through this experiment it is born one of our best wines: "Vignalparco” Chianti Classico Riserva D.O.C.G.