Uncork your lifestyle!

How many times did you ask yourself “should I throw corks out or not”? Maybe they come from bottles that you have loved. Maybe they come from wines that you have bought during your travels. Maybe they come from Casa Emma Wines and you are particularly attached to the memories of the place. As of today, we suggest you not to do it, not to throw them out and uncork your lifestyle!

As you know, Casa Emma is focused on recycling activities during the whole production process, while we cultivate vineyards, while we harvest grapes, while we produce wine and finally before and after bottling. So, why not recycling old corks and give them a new life? During these months we have the opportunity to spend a lot of time at home with family and to enjoy the simple things in life, for this reason we have created some nice and useful everyday objects that you can easily re-create at home with some corks and a bit of glue-gunning. Thus enjoying your free time and helping the environment!

Enjoy your free time and help the environment!

So do you know how many things you can create with old corks? There is not an answer, because options are truly endless, so we have created some kitchen and Home Decor objects, that you can discover by continuing to read…

Ingredients for hand-made creations: corks, Hotmelt Glue Gun, Glue-gunning, patience and love!


To create a trivet for a medium/big pot, you need 33 corks. As you can see in the picture, you need to create 6 rows, by gluing 5 corks in each row, like fishbone alternate. At the end of the process, glue everything together. Try to past the corks in same direction.

Plant Pot Cover

To create a pot cover for a small plant, you need 40 corks. You must glue 8 corks in 4 horizontal rows for each side, then stack 2 corks vertically and glue them, do it 4 times as you can seen in the picture. Finally, you have to glue all the parts together, as you can see in the picture.

Napkin Ring/ Bread Basket

To create a napkin ring or bread basket, you need 86 corks. First of all, glue horizontally 10 vertical corks, then glue above 5 horizontal corks: 1 horizontal cork every 2 vertical corks. Then glue horizontally 9 vertical corks and paste above 4 horizontal corks: 1 horizontal cork every 2 vertical corks. Now, glue together the 2 sides of the basket making a straight angle. Do the same process again, at the end you will have 2 straight angles that you don’t have to glue together yet. In fact, before you have to create the base of the basket. It’s very easy, just glue horizontally 8 vertical corks, repeat it 4 times and glue all of them together, making a square. Now it’s time to glue the base of the basket to the 2 sides of the first straight angle. As you can see in the picture, to finish the basket you have to paste the other straight angle and your napkin ring or bread basket will be finally ready!

Candle Holder

First of all, take the candle you want to decorate. For example, for a 7cm diameter candle, you need 13 corks. It’s very easy, take the candle and glue 1 cork by one, following the circular shape of the candle, as you can see in the picture. You’ll be done sooner than you think and the holder will be the perfect size for your candle!

Teapot Stands

To create a Teapot stands you need 30 corks. You have to create 7 rows, by putting corks vertically and by gluing them following this order: 3 corks – first row, 4 corks – second row, 5 corks – third row, 6 corks – fourth row, again 5 corks – fifth row, 4 corks – sixth row and finally 3 corks for the last row. Then glue all of them together as you can see in the picture!

Lamp Cover

Last but not least, creating a Lamp Cover is a wonderful way to reuse corks and to make your home atmosphere even more intimate and romantic. You need 54 corks but it’s very easy to do. First of all take a look at the size of the light bulb, to be sure that your corks are enough. For example, we have created a lamp cover with 9 circular overlapped rows, the internal diameter is 13cm and each row is made with 6 corks. To start, put 6 corks in circular row, the ends of the corks don’t have to touch, because light will go through the openings left between the corks. To create the second level, put some glue on the extremities of the corks of the first level and paste over 6 new corks, alternating empty space with cork, as you can see in the picture. Then, go on until 9 circles are created!

Now let your imagination fly and have fun creating lots of things with your hand! Share on facebook and instagram a photo of your hand-made creation with @casaemmawinery tag and #casaemmalifestyle hashtag.